Electronics packaging


Electronics Packaging with DuPont™ Tyvek®

Extra strength ESD and EMI shielding for delicate parts. 

It used to be that millions of dollars in electronic components and assemblies were lost due to electrostatic discharge (ESD), electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI).

But these types of failures have, for the most part, become a thing of the past since manufacturers started using Tyvek® brand materials with aluminum foil laminates to improve electronics packaging. In the case of ESD from conductive surfaces, such as metal, carbon-bearing black tote boxes and human skin, the antistatic coating on Tyvek® provides superior protection.

Tyvek® brand material is composed of essentially continuous fibers, so it resists generating free-lint particles. This means there's virtually no chance of fiber contamination. Add the fact that Tyvek® increases overall strength and tear-and puncture-resistance as it improves printability, and you have packages that reach their destinations in tip-top condition.

Tyvek® Delivers the Goods for:

• Electrostatic discharge (ESD) shielding

• Electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding