Innovation Center, Taiwan


The DuPont Taiwan Innovation Center focuses on development programs for renewable energy; renewably-sourced materials; computers, communications,and consumer (3C) electronics; and hand-held devices.

Our Center in Hsinchu, Taiwan was created for DuPont’s local electronic and communications customers, to create science-based solutions that help them capture new business and stay ahead of market demand. Like all our Innovation Centers around the world, our Taiwan Innovation Center connects customers with our global network of over 9000 scientists, chemists, and engineers.




The DuPont Taiwan Innovation Center opened in 2011, joining Korea as one of DuPont’s first Innovation Centers in Asia.


The innovation space showcases the latest DuPont offerings and applications, and hosts educational seminars.


OEMs and suppliers can connect with our network of research laboratories and application development centers, and also see how our site is being recognized for its environmental contributions in the area of Green Office.



No.2 Li-Hsin 4th Road

HsinChu Science Park

HsinChu, 30078, Taiwan