DuPont Wilmington Global Innovation Center


The Wilmington Global Innovation Center, in the heart of DuPont’s historic Experimental Station, brings to together customers, value chain partners, influencers and businesses to accelerate growth in new directions to meet the world’s evolving challenges.

Established in 1902, the DuPont Experimental Station has been was the birthplace of Innovation across our dynamic corporation. The Wilmington Global Innovation Center is located in the center of this campus with businesses, scientists, state-of-the-art laboratories, entrepreneurs and visionaries all within walking distance. Our purpose is to stimulate thought-provoking creativity, innovation and product development with a wide variety of subject matter experts to drive solutions for your immediate and long-term challenges. 




Through collaborative, flexible and innovative meeting design, we drive creativity, partnership and business opportunities development across the breadth of DuPont


Visitors can take part in immersive experiences designed to illustrate megatrends impacting our world (Circular Economy, Water Management, Mobility, Digital Transformation, Health and Medicine, etc.)


Work hands-on alongside our scientists, engineers and business experts with DuPont materials and technologies to aid in identifying new solutions to our world’s most pressing needs



200 Powder Mill Road

Wilmington, DE  19803