DuPont Auburn Hills, Michigan Research & Development Center


The Auburn Hills Center is situated in the heart of the American automotive industry. We work closely with our customers to improve the safety, efficiency, connectivity, and sustainability of vehicles.

Our Auburn Hills Center is located just outside of Detroit, Michigan. Customers can utilize our extensive expertise in application development, testing, and quality. They can also tap into our global network of engineers and utilize our nearby Application Development Center (ADC). At the ADC, our experts work directly with our customers to support their mold trials, prototyping, testing, and design needs. 




With growing demand for fuel efficiency and emissions reductions, the Auburn Hills Center collaborates with automotive customers to achieve new vehicle performance requirements.


Our resins and adhesives offer innovative solutions for thermal management, durability, lightweighting, sensing, and advanced connectivity.


We accelerate innovation by using our application development knowledge, Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) capabilities, and high performance materials. 



950 Stephenson Hwy

Troy, MI 48083